ClickCRM – Vendite, Marketing, Helpdesk post-vendita

Organizza le attività di Vendita, Post Vendita e Marketing della tua azienda in modo facile, in un Click


Organize your company's Sales, Post-Sales and Marketing activities easily, in one click. ClickCRM is a management platform used by thousands of companies of all sizes

  • You can easily customize ClickCRM to better manage your business
  • Find ready-to-use analytical reports and graphic dashboards via the web
  • Your customer map helps planning agent visits
  • Your customer map helps planning agent visits

ClickCRM is a Customer Relationship Management solution that can be used directly from any PC, tablet or smartphone via a browser or native app. Integrate all company information to manage customer contacts and Sales, Post-Sales and Marketing processes, making your customers feel at the center of your business.

The data that flows into ClickCRM represent an important corporate value to help the management plan and monitor all marketing, sales and after-sales assistance activities, always keeping the most important indicators of success under control. Furthermore, ClickCRM always allows you to have the history of all relationships and negotiations with each customer, regardless of the turnover of sales staff.


Who is it for?

ClickCRM is the ideal solution for manufacturing companies, commercial companies, service companies or agencies. The product is particularly suitable for:

  • small businesses that still use excel sheets to try to keep track of sales activities
  • all companies that want to plan and monitor commercial activities through a CRM system
  • companies that want to improve their relationship with customers in post-sales or technical assistance, keeping the flow of activities under control
  • companies that want to manage the Commercial Offers of their Sales Force from official price lists according to the most suitable commercial policies
  • commercial agencies that use telemarketing to organize appointments to the sales force
  • companies that practice attempted telephone sales, or door-to-door sales with an appointment management center
  • promotion and sales agencies in all sectors (publishing, tourism, components, technology, furniture, energy, telephony, etc).

Advantages of the ClickCRM solution

Improve business management

  • Plan and control sales and forecasts via graphical dashboards in real time
  • Do more in less time by automating business processes: emails, calls, demos, quotes, etc.
  • Stay connected with your customers thanks to the customer portal with helpdesk functions (optional), documentation, management documents exchange
  • Integrated with the optional functions of Email marketing, Project Management, Billing, Warehouse (optional)

Flexibility in adapting to your business

  • It is easy for users to customize customer records and the sales process
  • Dashboards with analytical reports, charts and predefined filters that can be used by all users
  • Ease of import / export of data to and from Excel or other management systems

Centralized customer and sales database

  • Customer and prospect contact center
  • History of all marketing and commercial interactions with your contacts
  • Flow (pipeline) of ongoing sales activities: leads, opportunities, quotes, sales orders
  • Shared business agenda and resources, integrated with Google ™ Calendar
  • Corporate communication between colleagues and agents based on channels and instant messages
  • Management of indirect sales networks through partners (resellers, dealers, etc.), also organized by geographical area

Advanced features included in ClickCRM

  • Centralized management of customer questionnaires
  • Publication of all commercial material, organized for the sales channel and end users
  • Search and display of customers on a geographical map to optimize routes and visits
  • Event management (seminars, workshops, fairs) integrated with email marketing
  • Configurable reports of analysis and graphs of sales by period, seller, product, etc.
  • Historical archive of commercial offers
  • Expense reports from sellers with manager approval

Optional modules organized in modular apps

  • Email Marketing with the ability to send up to 10,000 emails / month
  • Helpdesk ticket management via web
  • Management of activities and delivery projects
  • Billing and accounting, with interaction via email and customer portal
  • Warehouse management