ERP, CRM, HR, 4.0: Digital Innovation in cloud

Aumenta le performance aziendali con dati accessibili ovunque, controllo remoto di tutte le funzioni aziendali, nessun server da gestire, massima sicurezza, una soluzione personalizzata per la tua azienda.

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The only platform you need for your business digital innovation

The tailor-made management solution for your company: organize Sales, Post-Sales, Production, Warehouse and Purchases of your company easily, in a click. Find ready-to-use analytical reports and graphic control dashboards.

Odoo is an ERP software that can be used from any PC, tablet or smartphone via a browser or native app. Integrate all company information by making your customers and employees feel at the center of your business. Integrate numerical control machine supervision functions to create your Industry 4.0.

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What do you need to make a company more efficient?

To do better in less time. To give value to what really matters in your company.

What do you need to make your company more efficient? More time? More money? More goals? Security, Stability, Control? Or innovation, evolution and passion? We need innovation, simplification and communication! The ability to control processes quickly and easily. The means to quickly implement new features, and the opportunity to make your work more agile.Start with Odoo - enter the world of Simple Digital Evolution: we activate your system using the QuickStart method adapted by Clickode to start Odoo in the cloud in any company.

Take your business into the future

at a higher level of performance

Odoo provides complete control of the company by integrating all information into a single system, quick to install and simple to use. The Clickode team is able to activate a complete Odoo ERP solution in the cloud in quick times ranging from a few days of work to a few months.

Odoo is an ERP management software born in open architecture used by millions of users around the world because: it is simple and intuitive, with all the functions just a click away; because it is modular and grows with you and your company in terms of functionality and number of users; because it is in the cloud, therefore always available 24 hours a day on PC, tablet or smartphone, with data always safe under back up.   

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Automate your office

Delegate the most tedious manual operations to Odoo ERP by setting automatic rules to increase efficiency and reduce management costs!

Work wherever you are

You can access company data from home, on the go, when you are with a customer. An Internet connection is enough to access the Clickode cloud!

A single database

Goodbye to Excel files scattered everywhere because all the data are always updated in real time and reside in a single archive. Fewer errors and reliable data to monitor your business and base new strategies.

Orders and Project Activities

Define activities, organize work phases, plan deadlines, keep track of processing times and costs, which you will have to report to your customers, view everything over time, receive notifications for any delay!

Sales, CRM, Helpdesk

Get in touch with leads, manage negotiations and with a few clicks create a clear and personalized offer: coded products, personalized price lists, sending via email or online acceptance with the customer's electronic signature.

Production and Traceability

Manage your production in an easy and intuitive way: bill of materials, work orders, automatic component procurement. Possibility of integrating industrial machines in supervision dashboards with predictive analysis thanks to IoT technologies and Big Data Analytics. Traceability, including food, also certified through the Blockchain.

E-commerce and Point of Sale

Odoo integrates a company website and an e-commerce shopping cart for the management of all online sales. The POS module allows you to manage telematic fiscal printers for your retail store integrated into the company management system!

Warehouse and Purchasing

Reduce stocks and speed up goods receipt and shipping operations thanks to portable terminals. Apply automatic reordering rules by keeping suppliers and purchase prices under control.

Business administration and Business Intelligence

90% of the transactions are generated automatically by Odoo ERP, with support for the main regulatory requirements. The management of budgets and the analysis of management and economic data in real time allows you to take control of your business in one click.

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Consulting approach.

We listen to needs, agree on objectives, implement the strategy by supporting our customers in the growth path in compliance with constraints and priorities.

We know the market

We have national and international experience in the ICT market and in marketing and commercial development methodologies, in B2B, B2C and channel logic, and the best professionals in market analysis and corporate communication collaborate with us.

Technical and managerial skills

Our consultants are constantly updated professionally, and are equipped with various technical and managerial certifications on basic systems, application platforms and business development methodologies.

A common goal

Only the achievement of your strategic objectives satisfies our hunger for growth: we roll up our sleeves to support the work of our customers and share our experience in the field of technology and the market.

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Perchè scegliere Clickode?

 Offriamo un servizio di IT CONSULTING e di PROCESS MANAGEMENT alle aziende che desiderano accrescere il loro Business organizzando, semplificando e rendendo molto più efficace il loro metodo si lavoro attraverso soluzioni sempre al passo con i tempi e ancor più spesso innovative rispetto a quanto proposto sul mercato.

E lo facciamo con l'approccio di consulenti abituati a ritagliare il vestito su misura per le esigenze delle tua azienda.