STS, Cloud – Cloud privato/ibrido


For STS, one of the most important technological company in Jordan and middle east, we have contributed to create their Cloud ibrido providing consultancy services on the on-premise and public cloud part.

Thanks to our help, STS customers have now a IAAS platform where they can satisfy their infrastructural needs, without having the tipical disadvantages of managing a complex Data Center.

Moreover, STS can now offer to their customers a CRM – SAAS (Software As A Service) solution. This software, based upon a customization tailored with STS engineers of the most used Open Source CRM (SugarCRM) is installed on the STS Cloud.


The Clickode team contributed to the implementation of all IBM on premise hardware and software.

The Cloud orchestrator software, based on IBM and Openstack technology and delivered on IBM Power 8 servers, has been configured to be integrated with x86 and VMWare on premise Cloud part. Furthermore KVM and Openstack has been intalled on x86 servers to be integrated with IBM Cloud Manager software. As regarding Public Cloud integration, we have chosen IBM Softlayer.

We have thus created an extremely versatile, flexible, secure and easy to use and manage Cloud infrastructure. Let see why:

  • Versatility: It is possible to create Virtual Machines on different architectures such as x86, Power and on different hypervisors such as PowerVM, KVM and VMWare. It is also possible to create VMs running all the most used Operating Systems on the market such as: Linux on x86, Power Linux, AIX, Windows
  • Flexibility: The Softlayer integration allows to manage cloud workloads dynamically moving load on the Public cloud if necessary and then back on the private cloud again. This is how the so-called Hybrid Cloud works giving Cloud Providers extreme flexibility on data center resource management.
  • Security: The created architecture is so heterogeneous that allows you to have different security levels. You can also use PowerVM: The only Hypervisor in the world that reported 0-vulnerability incidents. This means that data that resides on your AIX or Linux on Power Virtual Machines are perfectly isolated from other VMs on the same Cloud.
  • Easy to use and manage: IBM Cloud orchestration software used allows, thanks to the integration with Openstack, to integrate all physical server and storage resources management into a single web interface. Moreover using a single set of API is possible to manage all the infrastructure using simple scripts and allowing an unprecedented infrastructure management automation.

SugarCRM Community Edition has been installed on this infrastructure and a set of plugins was integrated in order to customize SugarCRM for STS needs.

SugarCRM was installed on HA Cluster on SUSE PowerLinux.


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