More patients, more appointments, shared electronic medical records for any healthcare organization


smartDoctor is a web clinical platform for PC, tablet and smartphone, easy to learn and quick to use in any private healthcare organization to better organize day-by-day activities, centralize all clinical and operational data, and save times wasted in unproductive activities. smartDoctor manages appointment calendarspatients and medical recordsinvoices and accounting.

With smartDoctor you will easily engage patients by contacting them via email and sharing medical records and reccomandations, in order to deliver a better healthcare and to garantee an higher return rate to your healthcare organization.

smartDoctor is based on the Odoo application framework to achieve both scalability and functional completeness, and is already used by many medical offices, clinics, hospitals and homecare organizations to deliver better healthcare services while monitoring profits, loss and trends.


A simple yet complete business app to effectively manage medical offices, healthcare organizations and homecare services. ON THE CLOUD AND ALWAYS WITH YOU on mobile devices. SHARED APPOINTMENTS CALENDAR among back office assistants and physicians. ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS also sharing reccomandations with patients. INVOICING, MARKETING, ACCOUNTING, STOCK and dashboard for a better management.


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