Chromix – Color recognition for mobile commerce


Chromix is the Clickode software solution which is able to recognize dominant colors of any object in a digital image (e.g. photo of dresses, shoes, watches, …).

With Chromix, all you need is to take a picture of the object you want to sell. Colors appearing in the object will be automatically recognized and linked to the photo by chromix. Your e-commerce customers will be able to find what they’re looking for also by specifying which is the color of the object they are searching.

Thanks to the Clickode Cloud processing power, Chromix can recognize colors in up to 250,000* images per day. Chromix is the best technology to replace time-consuming and error-prone photo indexing operations needed to create your e-commerce catalogue. 


You can also create mobile engagement of your customers, delivering apps with automatic chromatic matching for taking cross-selling to another level.